She too wants to breathe!!

It’s a social effect .. It’s all because of our society only..  How can our men can see women with parellel to them after all there is nothing more important than their ego and the culture they learnt from their society and customs. It’s the fault of all the people who didn’t resist them when first time they did any thing against a women to prove their muscularity. And similar a woman is also responsible for listening all that rubbish.  They have to raise their voices if they don’t want their daughter’s to be a part of this said male dominating and hierarchal society.
Now it’s a responsibility of our youth and all of us to change the mentality and teaches our younger to respect women’s and give them equal social and legal rights. If we’ll work on the grass root level then only we can imagine a society equal for all the genders.

Don’t only imagine about that type of society even work for it.  If you want to change anything then after think about it you have to work for it.. Hope we’ll do….

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