Politics is not democratic now

Any country’s growth is mainly depend upon how the leaders of that country lead. Mainly in our country i.e. India; our political system is divided into three phases that is District level, State level and Central level. For a democratic country, as we know democracy is to select a leader by the people and works for the people and fully devoted to their people .
So here in India , there is a voting system by which we select our leader. After the full freedom, we select democratic system for a clean and transparent democracy and politics, but now the situations are very different and as i said a clean politics but the present scenario had just made me wrong. Now I can see that our politics is fully dependent on caste and religion system. If any political party give their tickets, before this they ensure that the candidate whom they are giving the ticket are related to any caste or religion that have a majority in that particular area or region. But this is not the main problem, the biggest problem is that the people of our country are also giving their precious votes on the basis of caste.
Now here I end this blog by saying that if we really want a corruption free, transparent and real democracy then we have to take steps towards it and “SAY NO TO CASTE POLITICS” that will be the real freedom of our soul and mind.

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